Rostec College Of Health Sciences offers courses that are dynamic, challenging and exceptionally rewarding as well as provides you with numerous job opportunities.

Rostec College Of Health Sciences is a Private Further Education Institution dedicated to training Healthcare Professionals for the health industry of South Africa. We provide equal education opportunities, especially to students who do not have general access to educational institutions, to adequately prepare themselves for entrance into the local and international healthcare markets.

At Rostec College Of Health Sciences, we’re harnessing the power of in-class learning by using new and innovative ways to learning. Combining the newest research with proven teaching methodology, we’re inspiring students to take control of their classroom experience.

We will offer the highest possible quality instruction, to each student who enrolls in any of the programs that Rostec College Of Health Sciences offers: in preparation for employment in his / her field of instruction.

We are accredited by the HWSETTA to offer all our courses. Our accreditation number is ,,,,,,,,

Our classes are flexible, we have day, afternoon and evening classes for your convenience. High quality instruction by qualified instructors.

Our courses are designed to give you knowledge and hands on training, so that when you graduate you are confident and prepared for the job market!

Every journey begins with a step! Now you can take that step with our ongoing 2016 registrations. Apply Online now to secure your place at the college for the upcoming academic year intake!