National Certificate: Community Health Work

community health work community health work Community Health Work (Level 2) community health work

NQF Level 2 (Credits 140) –  SAQA ID: 64749 (HWSETA Accredited)
This is a one year qualification and can also be offered as skills programmes, modules or short courses
Learners who complete this qualification will have competences and be capable of performing the roles of health promoter, assistant or health provider and assist the health networker within a community development context
Recipients of this qualification will be able to:
  • Function in the clients home or a community care centre
  • Communicate in a variety of ways by assisting in the provision and implementation of primary health care within a community
  • Have a better self and social awareness and will possess a wider range of skills to better understand and function in the community
  • Provide a service that will assist communities to better manage their own health and wellness
  • Create awareness on critical health care issues within a community
  • Perform health care activities
Entry requirements
  • Mathematical literacy at NQF Level 1, ABET Level 4
  • Communication at NQF Level 1, ABET Level 4
This qualification allows you to move horizontally towards:
  • ID 64769: Community Health Work, NQF Level 3
  • ID 49993: Auxiliary Nursing, NQF Level 3
The qualification comprises of 6 programmes
  • Programme 1: Communication
  • Programme 2: Numeracy
  • Programme 3: Provision and implementation of primary health care, health promotion, home based care and emergency care within the community
  • Programme 4: Create awareness on critical health care issues within a community
  • Programme 5: Perform health care activities
  • Programme 6: Manage self-development and implement fundamental administrative, physical and life skills to ensure on-going well-being and work productivity


Registration Fees 500 500
Deposit Fee 3 000 3 000
Monthly Installments (12 Months) 1 500 18 000